Female Customer Feedback

/Female Customer Feedback

Female Customer Feedback

Q:           What prompted you to seek Rayshine Esthetics services? What problem did you need to solve?

A:            After the birth of my second born, I really struggled to get rid of the excess tummy weight. Nothing helped. I came across the great online discount offer from Rayshine, offering LaserLipo sessions.


Q:           What made you believe that Rayshine Esthetics was the best for achieving your desired results?

A:            I never considered alternative weight loss methods until coming across Rayshine’s website. After reading the testimonials and seeing the before and after results, I decided to try the treatment.


Q:           What are the two most significant improvements that have resulted since you started attending treatments at Rayshine Esthetics?

A:            I lost an amazing 22Cm in total around my midsection. The fat literally melted away with the LaserLipo and the faradics helped tone my abs. I dropped 2 pants sizes in a matter of 2 months and feel a lot better about myself.


Q:           If a potential client was on the fence about whether to seek Rayshine Esthetics services or not, what would you say to them?

A:            Definitely would recommend these advance treatments for speedy weight loss results.  Especially for people who struggle with stubborn fat or cannot conform to a traditional exercise regime due to injury.

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